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The Vizier was the head advisor to the king before his passing. He is the first trainer the Princess gets.

Trainer Route[]

Starting the route:[]

You start on the Vizier's trainer route by default. To dismiss him, the Player Character must tell the Princess to leave him after the Festival of Flowers. Dismissing him will allow a different trainer to take over his duty at the cost of gaining a Stressed card. The card is always drawn, making card checks harder to pass.

Route Progress:[]

The Vizier's route is advanced by passing Desire checks (pink). Each "scene" will span the course of 3 weeks, where he will gradually convince the Princess that his advances are for her benefit, and that she should weaponize her body to gain favor over the kingdom, dismissing her concerns in the process. If the Princess fails the check, it will lead to nothing happening for the next 3 weeks.

Route scenes:[]


The Vizier will have the Princess hold her arms at her sides so he can stare at her chest.

Touch breasts over clothes:[]

The Vizier will fondle one of the Princess's breasts over her clothes.

Show breasts[]

Taking it a step further, the Vizier will have the Princess pull down the top of her dress so he can stare.

Touch bare breasts[]

Continuing further, he will fondle the Princess's bare breast. Occasionally he will flick her tit to tease her.

Wear skirt[]

Scaling back a little, the Vizier will provide a particularly short, black skirt for the Princess to change into and let him stare. At one point, he will have her turn around so he can stare at her clothed ass.

Full stripping[]

The skirt will conveniently go missing, and he will have the Princess walk out from behind the changing screen to let him stare at her naked body. At some point, she will strip in front of him without the screen, causing him to fake surprise in her actions.

Hand Job[]

Both of them will strip, and the Princess will jack him off to finish. This scene is animated.


The Vizier insists that the Princess is not ready for them to go all the way, so he will have her masturbate in front of him.

Oral pleasure[]

The princess wants more, so she decides the next course of action is to suck him off. This scene is animated.